Set of 2 Solid Teak Bench-Tables by Tobjorn Afdal for Bruksbo Norway

This versatile set of solid teak bench-tables was designed by Tobjørn Afdal for Bruksbo Norway in the 1960s. It consists of a long table-bench and a smaller one, with two original black leather pillows. The table-benches are designed with smooth clean lines and rounded, lipped edges. They have bracket legs that are reinforced with steel, making them very sturdy and stable. The teak wood has been newly refinished.

Small: 47.5 in. width, 14.5 in. depth, 13.5 in. height
Large: 79 in. width, 14.5 in. depth, 13.5 in. height

With pillows, the seat height is 16 in.

The table-benches are available as a pair or individually. Please send us a message for more information.