1960s Corrugated Cardboard Table Lamps by Gregory Van Pelt - a Pair

These whimsically and handsomely designed table lamps are by Gregory Van Pelt, who first designed them in the late 1960s, though it is often misattributed to Frank Gehry. The lamps are comprised of corrugated cardboard cut sleekly into a cylindrical body and capped at both ends with a wooden disk. The wood patina of each lamp varies in shades of brown. These lamps are completely rewired with single socket bulbs and a turn switch cord. The new hardware is chrome. In addition, the lamps are paired beautifully with new custom, white silk shades. Designed with an unusual material, the lamps are wonderfully textured. They offer a soft, warm minimalism.

The lamps are in excellent condition with minimal wear appropriate to their age and use. There is slight chipping on the wood disc top of one lamp. Overall the lamps are in amazing shape.

22 in. overall height
5 in. base diameter
14 in. shade diameter