Mid-Century Surrealist Garden Landscape Painting

This French landscape painting was created in the 1950s. It is breathtaking for its mood and dramatic perspective. It depicts a garden rendered in ghostly hues of grays, pale blues, beiges, and gray-greens. The plants and trees are stylized into simple, rounded shapes. A deep corridor in the distance punctuates the symmetry of the entire composition. While the artist is not known, there is a signature at the bottom left, "S de C". Stylistically, the painting harkens back to Neoclassical architecture, such as those designed by Inigo Jones. The painting also bears a similarity in mood and use of classical landscape imagery to the works of Puvis de Chavannes, Arnold Böcklin, and Giorgio de Chirico.

The materials used are a water-based paint on bare linen. The painting is newly framed and is ready for a new home.

46.5 in. width
71 in. height
1.75 in. depth